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February 17, 2006

Want to Learn .NET Quick

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Want to learn .NET Quick?

Apart from having formal training in the structured software development principles and the love of being flexible and creative when it comes to bringing an idea to life, the MS.NET platform gives you a complete arsonel of free tools to get the job done.

Two Places of Interest for Beginners

@ and, you can find a wealth of code samples, documentation and a vibrant developers community to help and share code ideas.

So go forth my good friends, seek the knowdledge for it will not seek you.


namespace Hello.World {

   class ImFine {

      private string _helloworld;

      public ImFine () {}

      public string helloworld { get { return _helloworld;} set { _helloworld = value;}}


  class HelloWorld {

      private ImFine Hello = new ImFine();

      public HelloWorld () {Hello.helloworld = “Hello, World!”;}




January 24, 2006

Hello Fellow Geeks!

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Welcome to my blog.

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